“Thank you for offering a worthwhile and invaluable home study course.”
Sarina A. Tafarella-Gonzales,
ASID, IDS, Certified Interior Designer

“Sheila, I enjoyed the first chapter of this home study. When I took the test I felt very good with my answers.”
Ann Ferro
Joliet Jazz

“Window coverings are one of my favorite aspects of being a designer and this course helped me to clarify a lot of questions l have had over the years. l spent a lot of time “Guestimating” and now l have a much more thorough understanding of calculating yardages, labor and fabrication requirements. In addition I now understand all of the varieties of window coverings available. Thank you for providing me with a truly worthwhile learning experience. And sharing your knowledge and wisdom.”
Sarina A Tafarella
San Jose, CA

“This course brought problem areas into focus easily”
Scotti Romberg
New Mexico

“Organized and easy to understand.”
Pam Race
Albuquerque, NM

“I have never used a protractor and am anxious to try this. Good ideas on template making”
Ansel Roney
New Mexico