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Setting A Budget With Your Clients

“How do I know how much a client is willing or able to spend on their project before I start a job?” This is a question I have heard at some point in every seminar I have ever taught. The focus of a seminar can be on any subject in […]

Communication With the Workroom Part 2

What can we do to insure our projects go well? Choose a workroom that has a solid reputation for quality and service. Check that the workroom is clean, posts regular hours and has an organized procedure in place for taking orders Clarify that the workroom is willing to contact you […]

Are You The Captain of Your Design Team?

  Webster’s Dictionary defines the word team as follows: noun “The number of persons associated together in work or activity.” adjective: “of or performed by a team.”   Are you a part of a team as a business professional? Who makes up the team in the design profession?  If the […]