Knowledge Impacts Income

I have been asked many times over the last twenty years what I most attribute to my success in the custom window design business. Many fabric suppliers will share that some designers start in windows but after some frustrating experiences and little profit to show for their efforts, they leave the industry and direct their interest in other areas.

When I started in design my business was based on window treatments and wallpaper. I had no experience or knowledge about window treatments but someone told me I had a good eye and it was an easy industry to work in. Little did I know when I started just how hard it would be. However, I had an ace that I didn’t even know I had.

In the beginning I would haul a car loaded with fabric and wallpaper books from client to client helping them choose products that would enhance their homes. Many times I would need to ask my seamstress Nikki various details that would guide me in achieving successful projects. Unbeknown to me, I had a unique situation, Nikki worked just for me and we became a team. She taught me things that were not available to others who were competitors in my town.

Because of Nikki, over the years I learned about hems, headers, spaces, fullness, pattern repeats and lining to name just a few. But most of all I learned confidence. I knew what I was talking about and when a client asked me a question I was able to give a clear and professional answer.

The classes I offer are based on all the information Nikki as well as others along the way, shared with me. I absorbed the industry like a sponge and became the teacher for everyone who worked for me.

I now share all of my twenty-eight years of knowledge about sales, estimating, qualifying the customer, fabrication, measuring and design with those who come to my website. I give back to you what others gave to me as I grew my business.

I am a believer that “Knowledge Does Impact Income”. Learn, grow and enjoy the success from your efforts.

2 thoughts on “Knowledge Impacts Income”

  1. I agree.
    What we learn from experts in our industry makes us confident in educating our clients with the knowledge we have and can explain the why behind our explanation that wins us our clients confidence in our work.

    1. Yes Farha,
      So many in this industry leave before having the opportunity to share what they have learned, often in the school of hard knocks. I started sharing what I knew with new employees that I hired when I had my company in Chicago. So many of the designers didn’t have a clue how to make money in window treatments. Paying for their mistakes was not the way to be successful. They were scared to death to estimate yardage and left it up to others to help them or turned to hard window treatments because they wouldn’t get into trouble with them. Once I wrote my book and started using it to teach and then doing seminars and home studies I found the joy of sharing what I knew. It always made my “head” so big when they would thank me for sharing my knowledge. I admit that many people can’t teach the way I do but a good designer can share small parts of what they have learned or encourage new designers to take courses like I offer. It would help our industry to show we deserve to always be considered professionals.

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